How to Boost Your Business

Record Nations is dedicated to the success of our partners. We are always looking for ways we can help our partners boost their business. In your account portal, there are three key ways in which you can boost your business.

  1. Review your account settings and update any information that may have changed. This can include your service area, your customer settings, your company logo, your business website or adding photos. When your account is up to date this helps your business stand out, increase sales, and make customers more familiar with your business.
  2. Record Nations allows you to sell us customers.
    • Have you ever received customers from your own marketing efforts that you cannot serve? Are they outside of your service area? Too large of a job? Need shredding, scanning, or storage services that your company does not provide? We will buy them! Your account allows you to see how much we will buy them for based on the project. This is a great opportunity to make some extra money off costumers that you may typically turn away.
  3. Whether you want to expand your service area or add different services, we are here to help. Your account allows you to boost your business in several different ways. Consider exploring the variety of customers that you can receive to increase your revenue.

How to sell us customers you can’t service…

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click the link on the right of the screen…
partner account portal
COVID-19 Scanning Storage

How to Keep Competitors from Poaching your Customers

This is a very competitive time in business. There are few things more frustrating than losing customers to the competition. Your sales staff works hard to educate, quote accordingly, and book the job. Worse, is when the competitor swoops in and poaches the job.

Here are 5 tips to guarantee the customer you closed is yours to keep:

  1. Leave a Lasting Impression
    Everyone likes to feel like they are important. Be authentic and demonstrate to the customer that you care, deeply, about their business and getting the job done right.
  2. Create Value – Don’t Rely on Price Alone
    Unless you quote a job that is abnormally high or low, a customer will not be able to differentiate between you and your competitors. Great salespeople make a habit of building relationships, even on small jobs. They listen to the problem and provide custom solutions.
  3. Guarantee your Work
    Safeguarding corporate and personal records is important to everyone who is hiring a RIM company. If you include a guarantee of your work, it helps to alleviate fear.
  4. Provide Customers with a Custom Code after Booking
    Because of COVID-19, most sales are now done over the internet and telephone. In our industry, where many companies share similar names, customers have not written down the company who they booked their business with.

    Some savvy salespeople are giving customers a code after booking. Only this specific code will be your company reaching out to them to make changes to the schedule or pricing.
  5. Provide Social Proof
    It’s okay to brag a little. Let your customers know that many companies in your area choose to do business with you. Providing testimonials puts everyone at ease.