Retail Partner

online marketplaceWhat Is Record Nations?

Record Nations is the document management industry’s only online marketplace for local document management solutions, connecting ready-to-buy customers with ready-to-serve providers.

What Is a Retail Partner?

One-third of the inquiries we field per day are customers who have small-scale needs. It is not economical for our other partners to service these customers. We refer these customers to our network of retail partners throughout the nation.

For retail partners our referral service is FREE. Our retail partners provide a secure option for small-scale needs. Each partner location is in charge of their own pricing and providing their customers with quality solutions.

What Types of Retail Partners Does Record Nations Have?

Record Nations provides solutions for two very different kinds of needs:

Scanning Partners

As people transition away from paper documents, they need to be able to scan their documents. Our retail scanning partners provide scanning services for customers with fewer than 10,000 pages to scan.

Records Self Storage Partners

Storage needs vary greatly, from a few boxes of records that need no attention to thousands of boxes of managed storage. Our retail self storage partners offer a great solution for people who don’t need managed storage until their record retention periods are up.

What Do You Need to Do to Sign Up?

You may sign up in one of the following ways:


For more information on how our partnership works contact us at (303) 872-5903 or by email at